Language Learning Tip: Start Small

Starting from scratch. Back to the basics. Square one. When learning a new trade or skill, including adopting a foreign language, the beginning will always be the most difficult part of any learning process. When we first spoke our native language, we had to begin with small goals, the building blocks of communication, whether it was memorizing the alphabet, sounding out new words, or even asking what certain every day words meant. This process is no different when learning an entirely new language now. Set small goals for yourself. Set a time frame in which you will achieve that goal, and then set out to complete the challenge you set for yourself. With each new goal completed, the more your confidence will increase, which will, in turn, keep you motivated on mastering the language you’re striving to learn.

Prep Work

Before you begin adopting your new language, it’s important to prepare a regimen, or create methods you know will help you learn. Will you be learning through a book? An app? By conversing with a native speaker of the language you’re learning? Perhaps you like to learn through videos, or music? Whatever method is best for you, use it to help you become a master.


Just as if you’re going to school, it’s important to set a trajectory for the progression of your education. Set a schedule. Create a list. Make sure you reach your end goal within a certain time frame. Set a task/challenge for yourself every day to complete, and check it off. As you complete each challenge, your skills will improve. Incorporate a “word of the day”, quiz yourself on new words, practice your vocabulary, and increase the difficulty the longer you continue your curriculum.

Partner Up

To better stay motivated on learning your language, it’s always good to be able to converse, and apply the skills you learned in a realistic setting. People everywhere (especially if they aren’t living in America) are taking it upon themselves to be more cultured, learning more languages in an effort to improve themselves and build bridges between themselves and other foreign communities. Find someone who is looking to learn the same language you are. Lean on each other and motivate yourselves to complete each small goal. Build up gradually and make sure you truly master whatever language you’re learning.

Have Fun

The biggest small goal you should have is to have fun. Make sure you enjoy learning the language you’re adopting, otherwise each new goal will feel like a chore, rather than a fun new experience. Stay motivated, make your goals, have fun!

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