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Yabla's Smart Subtitle Technology Helps You Learn Faster

Dual-language, interactive subtitles and playback controls immerse you in authentic video including TV shows, music, interviews, documentaries, lessons, and more. Learn from the best teachers—native speakers using their language in everyday situations.

  • Integrated Dual-Language Dictionaries

    Click any word to see the definition.

  • Subtitle Repeat

    Go back to repeat a subtitle or skip ahead to the next.

  • You're In Control

    Slow down or loop the tricky parts.

  • Show or Hide Subtitles

    Try to follow with no translation.

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Test and Improve

Each video also comes with interactive listening games and exercises, like our patented dictation exercise, Scribe, and Speak, our pronunciation and speaking activity.

Immerse Yourself Anywhere

By immersing yourself in authentic video content you’ll be able to learn from the best teachers there are - native speakers using their language in everyday situations. It’s the next best thing to studying abroad.

Stay Engaged, Study More

Our video library is constantly growing and spans everything from TV shows, music videos, interviews, and documentaries to lessons and original content. Yabla keeps you interested so you’ll want to study more often.

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Complement your curriculum and boost your students' comprehension and conversational skills by exposing them to native speakers.

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