Yabla Data Policy

Yabla tracks information about usage of the site. Much of this data is required to provide functionality of the site. For example, scores when completing Yabla activities, or tracking what videos have been watched or bookmarked. We also require paying customers to provide basic information such as an email address. We also track activity on the site for the purposes like customer support and analysis to determine which features are popular on the site. We also offer a commenting feature thus collect original user generated content.

This data is stored on Yabla controlled servers in a data center located in the US and managed by Linode, Inc. The servers are physically secured, and access to customer information is limited to Yabla employed customer support personnel and Yabla employed software engineers. We also store backups using Amazon's AWS S3 system. This is stored in the US East region.

We collect payment information and pass it to payment providers. We store no credit card numbers and our payment providers do not make the credit card numbers available to us. Our payment providers include Stripe, PayPal, and Apple for inApp payments.

We also use Google Analytics to monitor page views and event data on the site. We do not send personally identifiable information to Google Analytics such as email addresses. Google Analytics uses 1st-party (Yabla specific) cookies to identify and tag devices.

We collect email addresses when new customers sign up, and when people ask to be added to the mailing list. This information is stored on our servers, and passed to MailChimp. We use MailChimps platform to compose and send email campaigns. Customers can opt out of email communication via the emails sent or on our site.

We use various forms of advertising, primarily Facebook and Google Adwords. When a user visits our site, we send a tracking pixel to Google and Facebook which includes a cookie to identify the device. This enables advertising commonly referred to as re-targeting. Regardless of how a user reaches our site, the user may see Yabla advertising on Facebook or elsewhere on the web via Adwords. We also send a similar tracking pixels when a user completes an action such as purchasing a subscription. This enables Yabla to see the effectiveness of advertising. While we send no personally identifiable information, the reach of Facebook and Google means they generally can know who purchased a subscription to Yabla or visited Yabla. They don't make this information available to us, e.g. we don't get a list of Facebook users that visited or signed up for Yabla. While we don't offer a way to opt out of this tracking, many ad blocking tools can stop this tracking. We frequently verify that Yabla's site works when users run ad blocking software.

For school and university customers, we offer an option to turn off all 3rd-party communication. This feature can be enabled with a request to support@yabla.com

On our servers which we control, we retain customer activity that is required for the service to function indefinitely. For information we use for internal analytics and logging, the data is purged within 6 months from our production systems, and within a year for all backup information to be purged.

We believe in the right to be forgotten. We have a procedure to remove all personally identifiable information. Our standard procedure is to replace names and emails with anonymous information, and delete device identifiers and IP address information for that user. Requests for deletion can be made by emailing support@yabla.com. We reserve the right to delay the deletion for up to 90 days if there are outstanding payment issues which would require contact information. A complete purge from offline backups may require up to 6 months.

Any customer data can be made available to the customer. We will provide all customer data upon request to support@yabla.com. This will include all data from our production system relevant to the user requesting their own information.

Additional information about Yabla's data handling can be requested by contacting privacy@yabla.com.

Yabla Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

Yabla will not give, rent, sell or otherwise distribute your email address or any other personal information to any third party without your explicit consent. The only exception to this policy will take place if it is necessary to disclose information to law enforcement or other government authorities as part of an investigation, and the law demands that we comply.


Yabla may use cookies (small text files accessed by your web browser) as a way to track referrals from our marketing partners and credit them appropriately when necessary. No private personal customer information is transmitted to our marketing partners. Cookies may also be used to allow the Yabla server to recognize your computer when you log into the site.

Changes to this Policy

Yabla reserves the right to change, modify or amend this policy at any time. Any such update will be posted here.

Questions about the Yabla Privacy Policy?

Write to us at: privacy@yabla.com