The Top 5 Italian Verbs You Need To Know

When your first learning a language it can be really hard to have a normal conversation with people. Whether it be asking simple directions, ordering food, or even small talk. In this article we will be covering the top 5 need to know Italian verbs. As a result this will help you in having the conversations you need as fast as possible.

Essere (To Be)

This is probably the most important language in every single language. No matter what language you speak you will almost always find this word in a majority of the sentences.

Irregular Conjugation

sono (I am)

sei (you are)

è (he/she/it is)

siamo (we are)

siete (you [all] are)

sono (they are)

Fare (To Do/Make)

(To do/To make) is the second most important verb in any language. Every time you explain anything that involves an action you are most likely using this word. Because of its wide use we decided to put it next.

Irregular Conjugation

faccio (I do)

fai (you do)

fa (he/she/it does)

facciamo (we do)

fate (you [all] do)

fanno (they do)

Avere (To Have)

To have is also a very important verb in most languages. Everyone needs to use the words “to have” in their daily life. As a result we decided to also add it to the list of the top 5 Italian verbs.

Irregular Conjugation

ho (I have)

hai (you have)

ha (he/she/it has)

abbiamo (we have)

avete (you [all] have)

hanno (they have)

Potere (Can/To Be Able To)

Every language needs a word like this. It is important in order show people what you can or cannot do. If you notice, we have even used it in the last sentence to help explain the word itself!

Irregular Conjugation

posso (I can)

puoi (you can)

può (he/she/it can)

possiamo (we can)

potete (you [all] can)

possono (they can)

Andare (To Go)

If you want to go to the bathroom, need to excuse yourself or see some of the beautiful places Italy holds you need to learn how “to go” to these places. consequently this word had to make the list.

Irregular Conjugation

vado (I go)

vai (you go)

vahe (she goes)

andiamo (we go)

andate (you [all] go)

vanno (they go)

Test You Knowledge On Italian Verbs

Now that you know the top 5 most used Italian verbs you can start having basic level conversations with people. Go ahead and test your knowledge by going out and talking to some of your Italian friends. You may be surprised at how many sentences you can form using only these 5 Italian verbs!

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