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German is valued highly in the academic community because Germany’s universities have an excellent international reputation. In 2011, the country was the fourth-most-popular destination for students from abroad, with more than a quarter million foreigners enrolled in German schools.

German is the most widely spoken native language in Europe, and a prominent second language in Central and Eastern Europe. In the English-speaking world, German is also the third-most-taught foreign language.

German and English are both Germanic languages. Consequently, they have thousands of closely related words that are easy for speakers of both languages to recognize. These are known as “cognates.” For example, the English word for “chin” is Kinn in German. “Water” becomes Wasser and “father” turns into Vater. Not so hard after all, is it?

Yabla German gives you the opportunity to learn all about the special features of the German language. We offer a wide variety of videos – including narrative and documentary film clips, music videos, and more – featuring German native speakers. The videos are accompanied by games, vocabulary lists, and comprehension questions so that you can master spelling, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening skills.

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  1. Emilia

    Yabla really sounds great and you clearly have my interest. But I just recently enrolled in this German evening course and I’m wondering if it would be reasonable to also buy you courses. Because your site would be nothing more than ‘accompanying material’ for my courses. Would you still recommend yabla in my position?

    • Danielle Roberts

      Combining an evening course with Yabla is absolutely ideal. The class will give you an overview of grammar and the opportunity to practice speaking, while Yabla will expand your vocabulary and give you the opportunity to listen to native speakers.

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