All about studying in Germany

As the price tags on higher education programs in the United States and England continue to soar, many students who want to go to college or graduate school are considering studying in Germany. Why is this and what should you know before applying?

1. Internationally recognized degrees

The system of Diplom and Magister degrees has been all but phased out over recent years,

Moving to Germany with your Family

Are you considering moving to Germany? Moving abroad can be difficult enough without the added pressure of ensuring your entire family settles in as well. To help you prepare for the journey ahead, here are five useful things to know about family living in Germany — from figuring out the German education system to settling into the local community.

Why Learn German

German is valued highly in the academic community because Germany’s universities have an excellent international reputation. In 2011, the country was the fourth-most-popular destination for students from abroad, with more than a quarter million foreigners enrolled in German schools.

German is the most widely spoken native language in Europe,