Signs of spring in Germany

Germany, especially in the north, is a cold, gray place in winter, and the first hints of spring draw everyone out into the sunshine like hibernating bears emerging from their winter caves. Springtime (der Frühling) is very much appreciated in Northern Europe, and with this special time of year come special springtime activities.

Although some people ride their bicycles all year round, the increased number of cyclists (die Fahrradfahrer or die Radfahrer) zooming through the streets is a sure sign of spring. The noun is das Fahrrad (“the bicycle”), and the action of riding a bike is expressed with Fahrrad fahren, Rad fahren, radfahren, or mit dem Rad fahren. As a cyclist, you will want to make sure you stay on the bicycle path (der Fahrradweg) and be vigilant of both cars and pedestrians.

Things you do during spring in Germany and how to talk about them.

Frühlingszeit ist Fahrradzeit, also raus mit dem Fahrrad und ab auf die Piste!
Springtime is bike time, so get out the bike and hit the road!

Since it’s not warm enough to swim yet, people flock to parks and gardens to soak up the sun.

Man kann sich dort sonnen, Frisbee spielen oder ein Picknick machen.
You can sun yourself, play frisbee, or have a picnic.

Another classic sign of spring is ice cream. Long lines form in front of any town or city’s most beloved Eisdielen (“ice cream parlors”). When it’s your turn to order, you will need to specify whether you would like eine Kugel (one scoop) or several Kugeln (scoops), and whether you would like your ice cream im Becher (“in a cup”), in der Eistüte (“in a cone”), or in der Waffel (“in a waffle cone”).

Erdbeereis und Vanilleeis, ein Traum für einen sonnigen Frühlingsnachmittag.
Strawberry ice cream and vanilla ice cream, a dream for a sunny spring afternoon.

This is the time to really enjoy life, after all!

Das ist der Frühling… alle freuen sich: die Tiere, die Pflanzen, die Menschen.
This is spring… everyone rejoices: the animals, the plants, the people.

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